Trump: “Iran can do what it wants in Syria”

Trump was quoted last night saying: “Iran can do what it wants in Syria”. Here is one example of how it is doing so:

The ‘Iranian Cultural Center’ in the city of Dir a-Zour hosted a ceremony in honor of the families of Syrians who were killed while serving for the Iranian militias in Syria. First, this proves that Iran is actively recruiting Syrians into its own militias in Syria. Moreover, this way Iran is setting up a “grass roots” approach to strengthen its relationship with the Syrian civilians and extend its influence in Syria beyond the political or military alliance with the Syrian government.

By honoring the families of the Syrians who died fighting for the Iranian militias, Iran shows to the Syrians that they are not treated as mere mercenaries, but as heroes. By doing so it is increasing the support for the Iranian intervention in Syria. It also take advantage of the Palestinian cause to further increase support, by placing a Palestinian flag on the wall in the ceremony, near the Iranian flag and pictures of the Islamic Revolution supreme leaders Khomeini and Khamenei. The Palestinian case is widely popular among Arab Sunni and Shiites alike, and could be used as a bridge to connect to the Syrian Sunni population as well. By establishing this type of relationship with the Syrian civilians, Iran can then slowly indoctrinate its Islamic Revolution radical ideologies into the Syrian population and recruit Syrians to fight for the Iranian interests and agendas.

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Ibrahim Abu Ahmad

Ibrahim Abu Ahmad

One Response

  1. This is exactly true, and a clever strategy, although most Syrian families who fought for the Free Syrian Army and other legitimate opposition elements, the majority Sunnis, were victimized by the various groups with the Iranian Quds Force such as Hezbollah from Lebanon, the Nujaba movement and Badr brigades from the Shi’ite militias of Iraq, set up along the same lines as Hezbollah brigades and modelled after them, and the Fatimayoun and Zainebayoun brigades, also sectarian groups, of disaffected young men recruited from the Shi’ites who had either already left Afghanistan for Iran, or were recruited in Pakistan to join the swelling ranks of the IRGC who wants to amass a 100-200,000 man army under its sway in Syria. These groups carried out multiple atrocities in Syria, in order to get control of civilian residential areas, especially near major Shi’ite shrines which they claimed to be protecting, but instead used the opportunity to rob, rape and pillage the inhabitants, sometimes locking whole families into buildings and setting them afire, or killing the menfolk and children, and abusing the women, using rape as a weapon of degradation and terror. This was meticulously researched for an article which appeared in Tower Magazine, describing the events which had occurred over a period of years, in which these forces did not behave in any way appreciably different from ISIS, and often times. worse, “They Burned Everything,” which appeared in April, 2017. If Trump really thinks “Iran can do what it wants in Syria,” he is either sadly misinformed, or callous to a shocking degree. And of course, the Iranians abuse and hang their own Kurdish population of the province where Kurds are the majority in a shocking display of oppression so they do not mind seeing the Kurds left to the tender mercies of the Turks, targeting them in Syria. In fact with the threatened umbrella of Russian air protection, for Syrians and their air defenses, deliberatedly interspersed with Iranian rocket depots and forces with precision guided missiles intended for Hezbollah, but possible to be used also from Syria, it is Israel, another loyal ally, that is going to be left the most vulnerable when there is no presence of a counter-valing force remaining in Syria.

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