The Iranian-Syrian Relationship continues to grow ever stronger

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Iran and the Syria government signed an initial long-term agreement to strengthen the economic relations between the two countries at the outset of the New Year, as reported by the Syrian National news agency SANA. Now, this agreement is being fulfilled with multiple deals, which are not limited only to economic relations.

First, the Governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Abdul Nasser Hamati, announced the signing of an agreement between Iran and Syria to establish a joint banking entity based in Damascus, aiming to promote trade between the two countries according to the Russian RT media outlet in Arabic.

Moreover, deals included cultural and educational cooperation as it looks towards investing further the Iranian educational system in Syria by opening branches of Iranian universities in major Syrian cities.

The agreements also included a “cinematic” agreement. The State Cinema Foundation in Syria and the Organization of Audio and Video in Iran signed an agreement in this regard, the deals of which hadn’t been disclosed yet according to the Arabic CNN.

Iran has begun to collect the benefits of standing by the Syrian government during the civil war by gaining from the reconstruction of Syria. Iran seems to get exactly what it wants from Syria, strengthening the weakening Iranian economy as well as enforcing its culture, educational system and thereafter its radical Islamic Revolution ideals.

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  1. Assad would do anything at all to maintain power, even if it meant selling the body parts of the Syrian people!

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