ISIS – “Battle of Revenge: Possible Attacks on Western Targets During Christmas Holidays”

In an article we published following Baghdadi’s assassination, we estimated that ISIS would continue its operations and strive to prove that it retains its operational capabilities.

On 22 December 2019, ISIS launched a widespread terrorist campaign in revenge for the assassination of Al-Baghdadi. ISIS called the operation “Battle of Revenge”.

To date, ISIS carried out over 60 attacks. Most of the executed attacks took place in Syria and Iraq. In addition, some of the attacks perpetrated by ISIS occurred in the Sinai Peninsula and throughout Africa.
As part of Operation Khurana Province in southern Syria, 10 of the attacks carried were against Syrian and Russian military forces. Some of the attacks perpetrated took place just a short distance from the border with Israel (in the communities of Al-Qahtaniah, Qunaitra and Al-Sharjah ).

It is currently unclear whether the revenge operation has ended or if it will continue.
ISIS supporters on various social networks are distributing posts claiming responsibility for the attacks and additional posts are calling for attacks in Europe during Christmas festivities.

ISIS has carried out a number of operations over the past few months, including dozens of attacks in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
The current revenge campaign demonstrates the organization’s new command ability to execute coordinated and ongoing operations while concentrating efforts in various regions around the world and are likely to try to strike western targets during the holiday season.

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