Alma’s Insight on the New Lebanese Government

1) Although presented as such by the Lebanese President and the Lebanese Prime Minister, the new government is not a government of “technocrats”.

2) The new government is keeping up an apparent appearance of traditional sectarian division in Lebanon. However, in practice, this is definitely a pro-Hezbollah government (and of course pro-Iran / Syria). The government is political (and not technocratic, as the protesters demanded) and is clearly politically controlled by Hezbollah.

3) Hezbollah has an abundant influence on the current government. Hezbollah’s influence in the current government (94 percent of the ministers are from the Hezbollah political camp) has grown greatly compared to Said Hariri’s previous government that numbered 30 ministers of which “only” 19 ministers were Hezbollah supporters (63 percent).

4) It seems that throughout the demonstrations, starting 17 October 2019, not only has the political balance not changed, on the contrary, Hezbollah’s power and political influence have grown greatly.

5) As of the present time, it can be said that the Lebanese protest actually failed and “What has been will be again…”.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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