Nasrallah’s latest threat to the Americans and Israelis – “We will kill whoever dares to try and starve us”!

Hezbollah’s Propaganda and Psychological Warfare Machine is Working Overtime…

In his latest speech on June 16, Nasrallah threatened that the Americans are mistaken if they believe that Hezbollah would allow itself or Lebanon to starve (this in response to the international sanctions and Caesar Act). Nasrallah added that “If you think that we will be humbled and humiliated by this hunger, forcing us to give you the keys to our country’s security, and thus live under the mercy of the Israelis, your are mistaken. I tell you right now that our weapons will remain in our hands (in addressing the issue of disarmament), we will not starve… and will kill you …”

On June 20, Hezbollah released another video threatening Israel. The 38-second video shows aerial photos of various sites within Israel with their geographic coordinates (which are unclear if they are authentic). In the background, the voice of Nasrallah is threatening that Hezbollah can hit precise targets in all of Israel, and what it does not do to block it will not help because the matter is over …

While Nasrallah says in his speech that Hezbollah will kill Americans and Israelis, Hezbollah’s mental propaganda machine and psychological warfare clarify how Hezbollah will actually do it: through the missile precision project…

On June 21, al-Manar’s (Hezbollah affiliated TV Station) journalist Ali Shoaib, wrote to Israeli public  mocking their resilience, stating:

“Visual image to you is like a missile, and your (Israel) entity is weaker than a spider’s webs …”

Will talk and threats become acts? Is it probable that Hezbollah will attack Israel? And will the regional arena be dragged into conflict?

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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