Yesterday (August 8th) the Lebanese people resumed and even escalated their demonstrations against the Government and the political leaders from all the sects.

The disaster of the explosion in the port of Beirut a few days ago left tens of thousands without shelter, amid the worst political and economic crisis the country has ever faced.

The protesters called for the resignation of the government and the eradication of corruption in the country. Several demonstrations eventually developed into severe clashes between the demonstrators and the Lebanese security forces. The security forces on their part used any means to control the demonstrations, including firing tear gas and even live ammunition.

A few photos and videos were posted in which people in civilian clothes (along many with security personnel in uniform) were seen firing live ammunition at the protesters. Various publications have claimed that these are Hezbollah operatives who carry out shootings against the demonstrators.

However, in our estimation, it is difficult to support this claim. From the analysis of the photos, it seems that it is very likely that they are Lebanese security forces dressed in civilian clothes (some of them even carry radios and batons), who are in the vicinity of army and police forces in uniform and seem to be working together. It is not possible to state clearly that these are Hezbollah operatives.

Despite all the justified arguments against Hezbollah’s actions, one must not be dragged into populist publications, pointing baseless accusations at Hezbollah in every incident, but investigate each thoroughly

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Avraham Levine

Avraham Levine

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