Alma’s report makes an immediate impact in Lebanon!

Saint Charles Hospital

Did our report about Hezbollah’s launch sites in Beirut lead to the resignation of members of the Baabda al Louaizeh council on August 20th?

General map of the suspicious
sites in Beirut

In the report, we marked the M2 launch site located near St. Charles’ Hospital in Baabda al Louaizeh.

Aerial photo of the site

After the explosion in the port of Beirut and following heavy pressure from the residents of the town, the council members turned to the head of the council to carry out a formal investigation into the presence of a missile and explosives depot near St. Charles Hospital.

According to them, their fear stems Israeli prime minister pointing to that location 2 months ago.

That is not accurate… The Israeli prime minister did not mention any location since 2018.

We did!! Based on our findings published 13th of July they should be concerned!

The head of the council announced that he had submitted a request to the appropriate authorities for an inspection, but that did not satisfy the council members who fear another explosion, 11 out of 15 members resigned. LAF summoned the council members for questioning. They were asked about their sources and concerns. The LAF statement concluded that nothing was found in the location and the claims are not true.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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