Is the “Peace Generations Organization for Demining” a disguise for Hezbollah’s “human shield” tactic in south Lebanon? Has the explosion in Ain Qana on September 22nd exposed this?

Hezbollah’s civilian wing operates alongside its military one, and a significant part of its goals is supporting Hezbollah’s military activity, by using civilian health, education, environment, and other organizations and associations.

Considerable amounts of material have been published on these organizations and associations, their ties with Hezbollah’s military wing, and their work for its benefit. Two main and well-known examples are the “Islamic Health Organization” and Lebanese NGO “Green Without Borders”.

Although Hezbollah’s “Islamic Health Organization” is highly involved in the health field within the Shiite community in general and within Hezbollah in particular, part of its tasks is assisting the Hezbollah’s military branch day-to-day and in times of emergency with transportation and concealment of weapons.

Hezbollah’s “Green Without Borders” is seemingly an NGO that works for the improvement of the environment, but in fact serves as an intelligence-gathering infrastructure for Hezbollah on the border area with Israel.

A huge blast occurred noontime on September 22ndin a house in town Ain Qana, located in the area of al-Tuffah in south Lebanon.

Ain Qana in South Lebanon (Google)
The location of the explosion in Ain Qana (Google)

Many indicators that have accumulated over the hours following the explosion, as well as Hezbollah patterns in the field, point to one clear conclusion: the explosion occurred in a building owned by Hezbollah and uses it for storing weapons, the nature of which is not currently known, as well as if it is actually a missile/rocket launch site.

Immediately following the explosion, Hezbollah operatives in the field claimed it occurred in a “Peace Generations Organization for Demining” center…

This organization was established in 2009 by Hezbollah with Iranian sponsorship as part of the lessons learned from Second Lebanon War (2006), and as a result of the many people killed and wounded by an explosion of mines and ERWs that were left in the field.

Are the Hezbollah’s field operatives’ statements a cover-up for the concealment of military infrastructure in the civilian area that serves as a “human shield” for Hezbollah?

Did the explosion in Ain Qana essentially expose the organization as a disguise for the human shield tactic in south Lebanon (a cover up of the use of civilian buildings in the heart of villages for storing weapons and for launching rockets and missiles)?

A detailed report on the organization and its activity will be published by Alma Research and Education Center soon…

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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