“If Israel wanted to assassinate Hassan Nasrallah, it would!”

On October 16, Brigadier General Dror Shalom, the head of the intelligence research division at the IDF, who is ending his position, gave an interview to the Saudi news site ELAPH. A number of interesting points emerged from the interview in the context of Lebanon and Syria:

  1. Lebanon will witness explosions similar to the port blast.
  2. A future confrontation with Lebanon will become a regional confrontation.
  3. The Naqoura talks are the best evidence of Nasrallah’s problem and the pressure he is facing.
  4. Nasrallah knows full well that he will lose Lebanon if he miscalculates and opens fire on Israel.
  5. The Lebanese state is interested in the success of the talks, but Hezbollah, if it wants to, can destroy them.
  6. If Israel wanted to assassinate Hassan Nasrallah, we would have assassinated him, but Israel does not want an escalation on the border.
  7. Bashar al-Assad should have been killed by the international community when he used chemical weapons against his own people.
  8. It is time to establish a joint defense alliance in the Middle East between Israel and the Gulf countries for defense and not for attack.
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