Nasrallah Speech 11/11 on The Shahid (Martyr) Day!

  1. The Maritime Border Negotiations  
    • This is not the beginning of a peace process or normalization.
    • Israel is cancer in the area and a non-legitimate presence.
    • There will be no political negotiations with Israel beyond borders, exchange of prisoners, and the return of bodies.
  2. IDF Military drill
    • The legacy of the martyrs turned the IDF from an offensive army into a defensive army. The IDF fears that Hezbollah will take over territories in Israel.
  3. The Abrahams Accords
    • Will become irrelevant with the departure of Trump, especially since the political status of Netanyahu and Muhammad bin Salman is faltering.
  4. USA elections
    • Happy with Trump’s loss but does not expect pro – Israel policy to change.
    • Be prepared for a scenario in which we have to stop American or Israeli aggression before the US administration changes.
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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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