Lack of Governance in Southern Syria: No Clear Choice, Too Many Interests (Case #1)

The Daraa Province in southern Syria continues to create instability

On November 8th, the Syrian Regime forces, namely the 4th Division of the Syrian Army and other security forces, raided the city of Daraa to arrest authorities they claim to be affiliated with ISIS. The raid involved live gunfire, including the use of mortars.

Attack on a Syrian security forces post.

In retaliation to the Syrian regime forces’ violent operation in the city, local militias comprised of locals began blockading roads in the Daraa Province (Teps, Mzerib, Tall Shihab, Yadudah), waged battles with the regime’s forces, took control of and burned military blockades (Shajarah, Jillan, Al Hrak) and even kidnapped soldiers (Jillan, Al Hrak).

kidnapped soldiers surrendering at gun point

After about a day of negotiations between the residents and the Syrian regime, mediated by Ahmad al-‘Auda (commander of the 5th Corps, operating in southern Syria on behalf of the Russians against the establishment of the Shiite Axis), the kidnapped soldiers were released and the regime pledged not to execute similar operations in the city of  Daraa.

As a result of the severe incidents in Al Hrak and the soldiers’ abduction, the Syrian Army began transferring forces to the village’s surrounding area. The villagers began to hold demonstrations in expression of their solidarity with the Al Hrak residents, and posters threatening the Syrian regime should it carry out a military operation in Al Hrak were simultaneously posted.

Russian MP forces in El Karak

After an agreement was reached between all parties, a joint force of the Russian military police, the Syrian army and the Fifth Corps entered Al-Karak on November 12th to arrest detainees according to a pre-determined list.

Wanted List.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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