Afforestation Campaign: Environment or Military Tactics?

On November 18th a new afforestation campaign was launched in south Lebanon.

Several “civilian” organizations are taking part in this project. They are in fact, an integral part of Hezbollah’s military infrastructure.

The afforestation is not intended for environment purposes. The afforestation is intended to serve Hezbollah’s military objectives both routinely and in emergencies.

Civilian organizations? not entirely:

  1. Green Without Borders – Under the cover of an NGO that works for the improvement of the environment, serves as an intelligence-gathering infrastructure for Hezbollah on the border area with Israel. (More details at
  2. Peace Generations Organization for Demining – An association that serves, among other things, as a cover for human shield tactics and storage of weapons in a civilian environment. (More details at
  3. The Islamic Health Organization – A Hezbollah independent medical branch that also performs transfers of weapons and military operatives using the ambulances as cover.
  4. The Imam Al-Mahdi Scouts Association – Hezbollah’s youth movement. Indoctrination of children and youth, Islamic revolution, hatred of Israel and the United States, and the culture of death. Also serves as a recruiting platform for Hezbollah’s military units. (More details at
  5. Jihad Al-Bina Association – The Municipal Work Directorate in Hezbollah. In charge of building the military infrastructure including the cross-border attack tunnels.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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