The Shiite militias that control Albuqmal under the auspices of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have forced residents of Albuqmal to march in honor of the third anniversary of their takeover of the city.
Senior members of the Revolutionary Guards, Hashd Al Shaabi, Lebanese Hezbollah and Zinbion, and Fatmiyon militias, as well as senior representatives of other militias, attended the main ceremony, which was held in front of the Iranian cultural center in the city.
The Iranians invited the residents to the ceremony and when they did not come, they were forced to attend.
During the celebration, the director of the Iranian Cultural Center handed out leaflets calling for shiitization, and during his speech, one of the militia leaders spoke about the importance of joining the militias to fight ISIS, which still threatens the region, as he puts it.

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Tal Beeri

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