The Use Of Civilian Infrastructure as Human Shield For Military Activity In Daraa

Southern Syria – the city of Daraa – the Shiite axis: using civilian infrastructure as a cover for military activity:

Up-to-date materials from the end of 2019 and from July 2020 that are available to us indicate that the Shi’ite axis in general and Hezbollah in particular, use civilian infrastructure completely disguised within the city of Daraa.

The Syrian army’s fourth division, commanded by Maher al-Assad (the president’s brother) assists in the disguising of these sites, thus implementing the Shi’ite axis’ model of the human shield tactic wherever possible…

(More about the extensive deployment of Hezbollah units throughout southern Syria here).

Based on these materials, it is possible to point out a number of military sites used by the Shiite axis disguised completely as innocent civilian infrastructures:

“Al-Hayya Altbi” Building in the Daraa National Hospital District – (coordinates 32.621670, 36.104472) a so-called medical building, which is used for Hezbollah military operations.

Almutafawiqin School in the Elsbil neighborhood, run by Alaa ‘Abd Elnor al-Salma – (coordinates: 32.634031, 36.104098) functions as the management center of the Hezbollah recruitment operation in Daraa.

The Ministry of Education and Culture Activities Structure – (coordinates: 32.627615, 36.104604) (the center for children’s extra-curricular activities, such as music, painting, etc.) – serves as the primary center for monitoring recruitment activities and finances of Hezbollah – managed by Rami Ahmad al-Hadidi – of Palestinian origin and a former member of the Fatah movement.

The Ba’ath party building – (coordinates: 32.630055, 36.103436) – serves as an operations room.

Daraa Museum – (coordinates: 32.624570, 36.115533) serves as an espionage and communications center.

Daraa Postal Center – (coordinates: 32.630185, 36.105043) utilized by the Shiite axis. The nature of the use is unknown.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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