When the Radical Shiite Axis responds to Alma’s Publications

A list of our favorite examples:

IRGC Shipments from Iran to Damascus:

Zionists acknowledge the inability of the Zionist regime to prevent the transfer of weapons from Iran to Syria آلAlma Institute, based in Israel: The air route from Iran to Syria continues without stopping. Interesting photos of the evacuation of equipment of the 747 Qeshm Airplane belonging to the Revolutionary Guards, which landed at Damascus International Airport on February 5. جنوبیAlthough the southern runway in the “military zone” of the airport was attacked by air, but the Iranian landing in the “civilian zone” in the northern runway continues Cyber ​​Corps of Guards???????? ☑️ @SEPAHCYBERY (February 8th, 2022).

Hezbollah’s Involvement in Lebanon:

Westerners acknowledge the defeat of Lebanese army plot to clash with Hezbollah
Tony Badran, a researcher at the American Zionist Center for the Defense of Democracies, said of the situation in Lebanon:
Hezbollah’s integration into all aspects of life in Lebanon is so widespread that you can no longer distinguish where Lebanon ends and Hezbollah begins.
Lebanese army forces never opposed Hezbollah, even before the Lebanese economic crisis.
Even if you provide the Lebanese army with the best weapons, training, and equipment, it will never oppose or stand up to Hezbollah.
Cyber ​​Corps of Guards (February 9th, 2022).

Hezbollah threatens Alma!

Video posted on Hezbollah supporters’ social media (March 2021).
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