Tension on the Israeli Northern Border – Al-Hurra

“Since last July, there have been tensions on the northern border, both on the Syrian border and the Lebanese border, following the killing of a Lebanese Hezbollah operative in Syria that Hezbollah attributes to Israel.

This sense of tension exists on both sides of the border and the Israeli fear is that Hezbollah will try to avenge the attack on the border as it did in September 2019 when it fired anti-tank missiles at an IDF vehicle near Avivim.

Both sides indeed have no interest at present in escalating the situation, but even in July 2006 both sides had no such interest and yet Hezbollah attacked and abducted two soldiers.”

Sarit Zehvi on Alhurra قناة الحرة talking to @Yehia kassem

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On the anniversary of the killing of Soleimani … Israeli military preparations on the border with Lebanon
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Sarit Zehavi

Sarit Zehavi

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