Hezbollah – Martyred Commanders Memorial Day (ذكرى القادة الشهداء), February 2021

Hezbollah conducts a major ceremony in February every year, “in memory of the fallen commanders”, marking the memory of the martyred commanders and the memory of the fallen resistance combatants. The commanders commemorated on this day are Hezbollah’s former secretary-general, Abbas Moussaoui, eliminated by Israel in February 1992; senior Hezbollah dignitary Sheikh Rajab Harb, who was eliminated in February 1984, and Hezbollah’s military commander, Emad Mughniyeh, who was eliminated in February 2008 in Damascus, Syria.

The commemorative events took place in Beirut and in the villages of southern Lebanon and the Bekaa, between the 14th. and the 16th. of February this year. The commemorative events included military orders of Hezbollah operatives, waving Hezbollah flags, hoisting pictures and figures of the fallen commanders, laying bouquets of flowers on the martyr’s graves, the pledging of allegiance to Hezbollah Secretary General Syed Hassan Nasrallah, and Iranian leaders and the unveiling of new monuments in memory of the fallen commanders.

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The ceremony held in the town of al-Nabi Chit
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Dafna Messing

Dafna Messing

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