Ahmad Munir Ali Shaitu – It Is A Pleasure To Make Your Acquaintance

*Haj Hashem circled in red.

Ahmad Munir Ali Shaitu – it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
and please send regards to the commander of the 90th Brigade!

The commander of Hezbollah’s Southern Command unit in southern Syria is Munir Ali Naim Shaitu, aka Haj Hashem.
According to various reports, Haj Hashem’s son is a senior operative in the unit commanded by his father and the son is responsible for the professional training of the 90th Brigade in the Syrian army stationed in Quneitra province.

According to the reports, the son’s first name is “Ahmed” and his nickname is “Jawad Hashem”. If so, the son’s full name is Ahmad Munir Ali Shaitu…

It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Ahmed!
Please send our regards to the commander of the 90th Brigade!

More about Hezbollah’s deployment of the “Southern Command” in south Syria available here.

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