The Smuggling On The Lebanese Border – A Supporting Platform For Hezbollah Military Operations

pistols and drugs

Attempts to smuggle through the borders of the State of Israel (Lebanon and Syria in the north, Jordan in the east, and Egypt in the south) have been known for many years. At the Lebanese border, these are usually drug smuggling, but sometimes also small arms. All smuggling operations are carried out with the knowledge of Hezbollah and often even on his initiative.

The last attempt from the Lebanese border took place on April 1. During it, suspects were identified who were trying to transfer cases from Lebanon to Israel. Surveillance of the suspects on the Israeli side of the border led to their arrest and seizure of two pistols and 2 kg of drugs, worth about a quarter of a million NIS (about 70 thousand US dollars).

The smuggling serves Hezbollah as a platform that supports its terrorism. The smuggling is used to gather preliminary intelligence on the area of ​​operation and to examine the course of action and response of IDF forces. 

The results of the smuggling are analyzed by Hezbollah for future potential military operations in the form of tactical attacks against Israel in the border area. In addition, Hezbollah transfers weapons and drugs (as a financial alternative) to existing collaborators and potential collaborators in the territory of the State of Israel.

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Dafna Messing

Dafna Messing

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