Residents of Southern Syria protest against the drug industry of the radical Shiite axis led by Iran

The “instituting of sovereignty” trend of the radical Shi’ite axis led by Iran in southern Syria is also reflected in the criminal sphere, with an emphasis on the drug industry. The radical Shi’ite axis, particularly Hezbollah, uses southern Syria as a platform for the drug industry they run: manufacturing, trafficking, and distributing drugs. All this is achieved by cooperating with local smugglers and by actuating the militias operating in southern Syria (both the foreign Shi’ite militias and the local militias)., The drugs are smuggled from the area of southern Syria, mainly into Jordan and from there towards the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, the Palestinian Authority, and Israel. The narcotics smuggled, are mainly Cannabis and Captagon-type narcotic pills.

Some residents in the region are trying to oppose the drug industry headed by the radical Shiite axis led by Iran. For example, in a-Saida province, local militias raided centers selling Cannabis in order to stop them. In addition, the residents expressed their dissatisfaction by spraying graffiti denouncing the spread of drug trafficking in southern Syria under the auspices of Hezbollah, Iran, and the Syrian regime:

“Gangs + Security Services +Hezbollah=The reason for al-Saida’s problems”. “Kilo of drugs + Hezbollah= resistance and reluctance of al-Swaida”. “Southern Syria is the graveyard of Hezbollah and Iran”, and: “It doesn’t matter that the country falls apart, the important thing is that Bashar keeps his seat”.

As part of our monitoring of the activities of the radical Shiite axis led by Iran in the Syrian arena and the Lebanese arena, we are currently monitoring processing and analyzing the activities of the drug industry in southern Syria. A research report on this topic is in the works.

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