IDF Strike on Al-Jazeera and AP Offices

A few notes about the IDF strike on Al-Jazira and AP offices:

  1. Hamas doesn’t use only Gazans as a Human shield but also reporters – the 15 storey building also contained military assets belonging to Hamas military intelligence.
  2. The reporters received an effective warning sent by the IDF before the strike, which allowed sufficient time for them to evacuate the site, as required by international law. That way none of them was killed.

3. Have you ever wondered how it is that the photographer is not afraid of the attack? Not taking shelter? Won’t you be startled by a missile that falls a few dozen meters away? The camera is stable and does not move… After every warning that the IDF issues to a specific building, Hamas photographers go out to document the attack. They are not afraid, they know that the IDF is accurate, making an effort to avoid accidental damage and therefore will only hit the building for which a warning has been issued. The human shield tactic at its best…

The attack.

4. In Gaza, there are no shelters and no alarms. But there are full of tunnels and tons of concrete, inaccessible to civilians. A lot of money goes to Gaza from Qatar and Europe. Why did Hamas not invest in protecting its citizens?

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Sarit Zehavi

Sarit Zehavi

One Response

  1. Sarit, thank you very much for this report and analysis. Am Yisrael Chai!
    Chag Dameach

    Best regards

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