The Assassination of Aref Al-Jahamani One of the Commanders of East Saida Militia

Aref Al-Jahamani

Aref Al-Jahamani a prominent collaborator with the radical Shiite axis in Daraa province was assassinated by gunfire on June 26 by unknown gunmen while driving in his car east of Daraa city. Al-Jahamani has faced several assassination attempts, the most recent of which, in which he was injured, took place on April 30 in his hometown, East saida. Al-Jahmani is known to us as a car dealer and a drug dealer. He was also known to us as one of the commanders of Majmuat Saida, one of the 36 local mercenary militias operating in southern Syria under the radical Shiite axis in Iran.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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