June 2021 – ISIS is alive and kicking!


On June 21, 2021, ISIS, Al-Farkan (Foundation for Media Production), released an audiotape from Abu Hamza al-Qurashi, ISIS spokesman, (appointed in October 2019). 

The tape’s headline is “You are the superior if you believe” and it mainly includes words of encouragement to the organization’s fighters around the world, a call to increase their activities, and a request from them to find more significant targets to attack. Al-Qurashi notes that the Islamic State continues to exist against the will and despite the efforts of the “Crusaders” (the West). 

Among other things, Al-Qurashi referred to what was happening in Syria and “Palestine.” As for Syria, where we are familiar with the constant activity of ISIS guerrilla cells, especially in southern Syria and the eastern desert, he called for the release of the organization’s prisoners and the continuation of military activity.

Al-Qurashi praised the organization’s operatives in Syria who according to him succeeded in exhausting the Syrian army and the Russian forces and Iranian proxies assisting it, so much so that its soldiers do not dare to move without escorting planes or tanks. He also called on the organization’s operatives to continue attacking clerics and tribal leaders loyal to the Syrian regime and Kurdish forces.

Al-Qurashi criticized the Arab and Islamic leaders who did not help the Palestinians in the last round of fighting in Gaza (Operation Guardian-of-The-Walls) and during the clashes in Jerusalem. For the Palestinians, he stressed that the truth is not achieved in peace, but through “jihad and blood.” Al-Qurashi criticized Hamas for its ties with Iran, calling them “brothers of the devil.” and noting that Iran and all its proxies must be fought.

This is the fourth recorded announcement since Al-Qurashi was appointed ISIS spokesman. ISIS continues to operate around the world, mainly in Africa, Afghanistan, Libya, the Sinai Peninsula, Iraq, and Syria and is quite successful in its attacks.

*Some of the details based on The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center publication from June 24th.

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