Nasrallah Presents: a “Lecture” on Information Warfare and its Importance

For the past week or so, we have been focusing on Hezbollah’s information warfare. We have published several articles on the subject and we intend to publish more. Information warfare is a key tool in the war against Israel. The radical Shiite Axis led by Iran (the “Resistance” Axis, as Nasrallah, calls it), particularly Hezbollah and Hamas, are well aware of this. They take advantage of this warfare to spread fake news, present an alternate reality, glorify their narratives and promote psychological warfare against Israel.

Hezbollah and Hamas operate a lubricated and efficient information warfare system. This system operates on an organized ideological base and on planning in advance. This system deploys different media platforms, mouthpieces, spokespersons, and leaders (using their public speeches), and glorifies motifs, central narratives, and religion.

In his last address on July 5th, Nasrallah decided to “cooperate” with the Alma Center’s campaign. In his nearly one-hour-long address, Nasrallah gave a 47-minute “lecture” on Hezbollah’s information warfare. Make no mistake – the “lecture” itself is part of the information warfare that Nasrallah himself participates in which his addresses are a central component.

In address, Nasrallah continued to strengthen the new “information warfare” narrative and claimed that the “victory” in the “Operation: Sword of Jerusalem” (the name given by Hezbollah and Hamas to the latest escalation in the Gaza Strip in May 2021) was achieved thanks to the media.

Nasrallah emphasized that one of the “Resistance” Axis’s media’s most important strengths is honesty and accuracy in its deliverance of news and facts, so much so that even the “Zionist enemy” relies more on the “Resistance” media than it does its own leaders.

Nasrallah stated that the “Resistance” media platforms contributed to the victory over Israel with their reliance on facts in the information warfare as well as in the psychological warfare, and not on lies and illusions. He said that although the “Resistance” media is diverse, it is unified by Jerusalem, the sanctity of Palestine, and the oppression of the Palestinian people, all of which open the eyes of everyone to the truth. This is Nasrallah’s new narrative.

Nasrallah explains that the media and advocacy are weapons of war for all intents and purposes, and they should be developed just like military systems are developed and enhanced. Nasrallah addressed the supporters of the “Resistance” Axis and the issue of Palestine and emphasized to them that each and every one of them is a vital cog in the narrative-strengthening mechanism.

Nasrallah teaches how to achieve the victory narrative in practice: “If they destroyed your house in battle, stand on its ruins and express your insistence on the continued resistance to the conqueror”; Nasrallah said the same for those who lost their family members and loved ones. So, according to Nasrallah, a unified front of victory must be presented, its achievements emphasized. Any dirty laundry must be laundered backstage.

Nasrallah gave special attention to social media. According to Nasrallah, social media has influenced the latest escalation in the Gaza Strip, expressing itself more than in any other campaign and war in history. Nasrallah explained that the enemy can block satellite channels, but not social media. Therefore, the social media platforms should be taken advantage of, as they have proven themselves in the last escalation to have taken part for the good of the Resistance. Nasrallah calls for offensive and defensive tools to be developed in this area, just like on the battlefield.

At the end of his address, Nasrallah continued to strengthen this narrative and requested that the “Resistance” media sanctify a new regional equation – the defense of Jerusalem. He said that the media-based talk of the Resistance should be developed in accordance with the developments and threats in the area in order to deal with the Israeli conquering of Palestine and the United States hegemony. Nasrallah called for serious administrative work to be done to upgrade the media and advocacy tools against Israel in preparation for the next campaign that will arrive, according to him, soon.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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