Nasrallah speaks out against the United States and its ambassador in Lebanon, to strengthen the “foreign involvement in Lebanon” narrative

In his latest address on July 5th, Nasrallah continued to strengthen the “foreign involvement in Lebanon” narrative and said that the United States bears the real and the biggest blame for the crisis in Lebanon, for it is the one is laying siege on Lebanon. Nasrallah blamed the United States for the erosion of the Lebanese pound, for preventing any aid, donation, or deposit from being given to Lebanon by other nations, and for threatening to place sanctions on senior Lebanese government members if they authorize economic agreements with China and Iran.

In his address, Nasrallah directly criticized Dorothy Shea, US Ambassador in Lebanon, and scornfully said that she sheds crocodile tears over the Lebanese: while she sees the Lebanese people’s dire conditions, the American government is preventing any aid from reaching Lebanon. Nasrallah added that the American government is acting for the good of Israel, the establishment of its security, and to steal the gas from Lebanon’s territorial waters.

As part of the information warfare, Nasrallah is essentially using the “foreign involvement” narrative to preserve the reason for Hezbollah’s existence and its military capabilities in the minds of the people of Lebanon and Hezbollah’s supporters, the reason being the defense of Lebanon’s borders from the “aggressive” Israel…

After Nasrallah’s address, Shea chose to indirectly respond to Nasrallah’s sharp criticism. She noted that there is some sort of avoidance of responsibility, and when “someone” (Nasrallah) blames the United States on television air, this blame cannot be seriously addressed. She also added that those involved are those who bear responsibility, not the United States. She emphasized that the US will not abandon the Lebanese people and that it has allies that are preparing humanitarian aid to address the shortage of food in Lebanon. According to Shea, the US Embassy does not operate according to personal requests, but rather according to people’s needs of the Unites States’ services, and so the US is most certainly doing its part. For example, the US provided 7.3 billion dollars for the support of the LAF and the security services in Lebanon.

Dorothy Shea, US Ambassador in Lebanon

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Dafna Messing

Dafna Messing

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