Uncertainty Regarding the Location and Cause of Death of a Senior Hezbollah Figure

On July 24, Hezbollah announced that one of its men (considered senior) named Imad Alamin (al-Sayed Gharib) had died while “fulfilling his jihadist duty”. It is not clear how he died. Several indications that we have not verified indicate that he was killed in the airstrike that took place south of Homs on July 22 and was attributed to Israel according to foreign sources.

However, we have an indication that on July 21, two Hezbollah members (whose identities we do not know at this time) were killed east of Homs after their vehicle was attacked. As of this writing, Hezbollah officials have not yet issued statements of revenge against Israel, which strengthens our assessment that Alamin was not killed in the airstrike.
This was reinforced when Hezbollah denied that he had been killed in Syria and other indications were that he had been killed in one of Hezbollah’s training camps in Lebanon. Alamin’s funeral left Beirut on July 25 to the village of Deir Kifa in southern Lebanon.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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