Daraa el-Balad Ceasefire Agreement Collapses Again!

The ceasefire agreement in Daraa Albalad collapsed. On August 2, following the visit of Syrian Defense Minister Ali Ayoub to the city, the Russian and Syrian army representatives tried to reach an agreement at any cost with the local representatives in which only the 8th Brigade (Ahmad Alouda) was to be deployed in Daraa. The rest of the Syrian army forces were to evacuate the city.

Despite the efforts, the representatives failed to reach an agreement and the Syrian army continues to attack in the area.

As of this writing, the radical Shiite axis led by Iran is also deploying forces in the Daraa al-Balad area, and, among other things, there are indications of the arrival of Iraqi Shiite militias including activists from the Abu al-Fadel al-Abbas militia (“313”). located near the Jordanian border, south of Daraa Elbalad.

The area of ​​the city of Daraa is defined by the Syrian regime and the radical Shiite axis led by Iran as a strategic area in light of its geographical location, and its military control is defined as a top priority.
However, most of the local population in the area is known for its lack of support for the regime. This clash of interests causes constant instability in the area with escalations from time to time as is happening now.

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