The New Deterrence Equation – Nasrallah’s Fuel Tank Threat

Do not try us in any kind of war – military or economic.” Nasrallah threatened in his speech this morning (August 19) on the occasion of Ashura Day. As we wrote in our article about the explosion in Akkar, Nasrallah is reinforcing the narrative that Hezbollah is not only Lebanon’s “military defender,” but also its “economic defender.”

Announcing today during the speech that the first fuel tanker will leave Iran to Lebanon in the next few hours, Nasrallah is interested in showing that Hezbollah is responsible for Lebanon’s “economic defense.”
In addition, Nasrallah reinforces the narrative of “foreign intervention in Lebanon” and warns the United States and Israel: “From the moment the tanker is at sea, it is Lebanese territory, I tell the Americans and Israelis, this is Lebanese territory!”

Nasrallah is creating a new equation regarding Iranian fuel tanks destined for Lebanon: If these tankers are attacked, Hezbollah will attack Israel.
Nasrallah’s threat establishes Hezbollah’s status as Lebanon’s economic and military defender in the eyes of Lebanese internal public opinion.

It seems the events in Afghanistan added to Nasrallah’s self-confidence, at least outwardly…

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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