“Baitulmaal” (Dallas, Texas) – an innocent Islamic charity?

“Baitulmaal” (Dallas-Texas) – an innocent Islamic charity? Or is it an association with financial and logistical ties to terrorist organizations worldwide?

Is Texas “Baitulmaal” an innocent organization whose intentions, goals, vision, and values are sincere? Or is it another example of part of the familiar and well-known fundraising mechanism, which terrorist organizations operate? This mechanism activates, among other things, an array of fundraising through websites and charitable funds. The mechanism uses civic associations, which ostensibly declare the aid and charitable actions they carry out, through their branches usually located in Muslim countries and countries with large Muslim concentrations and in countries where it is convenient for terrorist organizations to operate financially, among other things, through moneychangers, without supervision, and without prevention.

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Alma Research

Alma Research

One Response

  1. I cannot believe that Congresswoman
    Rashida Tlaib has not done any research into this aid organization.
    Or maybe she supports anything with an Arab name?

    Her retweet of a post calling to support this organization should not be without consequences.

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