The new government in Lebanon, headed by PM Najib Mikati, consists of 24 ministers. Five of them are Shiite, from The Shiite Duo Hezbollah and Amal. Five ministers are Sunni, but only two belong to the “March 14th” party that opposes Hezbollah. Two Druze ministers, one from the “March 14th” party. And twelve Christian ministers, all from “March 8th,” the political alliance Hezbollah is part of.

Twenty-one Hezbollah allies and only three from the opposing political alliance, the opposing ministers, received the Ministry of Interior, Health and Education. Hezbollah’s political allies hold all the central ministries, including the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, the Defense Ministry, Ministry of Justice, and Foreign Affairs.

The Shiite duo got the Ministry of Finance, Culture and Agriculture(Amal), Transportation, and Public Works (Hezbollah). With the Ministry of Finance, The Shiite duo will have complete control over the budget. The Public Works Ministry, which is in Hezbollah hands, has a large budget and is responsible for carrying out national projects. The Ministry of Transportation, also in Hezbollah’s hands, is in charge of the airports and naval ports, Lebanon’s economic life support system. Control of the Ministry of Agriculture will enable the transfer of large budgets to the many Shiites engaged in agriculture.

It seems that Hezbollah got its wish as usual because otherwise, the government would not have been formed. The lineup of ministers and ministries, as was announced, allows Hezbollah to control a lot of money and enables it to continue to run the state of Hezbollah at the expense of the Lebanese state.

In the announcement of the formation of the government, Prime Minister Najib Mikati stated that “the government will work with all parties and with everyone possible for the interest of strengthening Lebanon, except Israel of course …”

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