Al Bukamal – “Syrian City Under Iranian Military Control”

The radical Shiite axis militarily controls the city of Al bukamal through Shiite militias. The unit in the city is the 47th regiment, belonging to the Shiite militia “Hezbollah-Iraq”. The military commander in the area is Haj Askar, an IRGC officer who lives in the secure army compound of the Shiite axis in Albuqmal called “Al Maari Square”

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Introducing Al-Haj Askar – The man in charge of Al Bukamal on behalf of the IRGC.

The unique geographical location of the city made it one of the strategic key points within the land corridor of the radical Shiite axis headed by Iran. As a result, Iran’s military and civilian grip on the region is absolute.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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