Homs Region: Redeployment of Iranian UAV’s from T4 to Shayrat:

On October 08, 2021, an airstrike was carried out on the T4 military airbase. The airport is located adjacent to the road connecting the city of Palmyra in the east to the city of Homs in the west, about 60 km west of the city of Palmyra. The T4 airport is known as a location of military activity of the radical Shiite axis headed by Iran. The site is the epicenter of UAV systems activity utilized by the Shiite axis (operation and storage).

On October 13, an attack of a greater extent was carried out on several targets south of the city of Palmyra. The targets attacked were related to the activities of the radical Shiite axis in the area (A regional headquarters located in a compound called “The Qatari Royal Villa”, a weapons depot, and Regional communication infrastructure).

“The Qatari Royal Villa”

According to our information, these airstrikes, attributed to Israel, led, among other things, to the redeployment of special weapons used by the radical Shiite axis headed by Iran in the region.

On October 18, Iranian UAVs were transferred from the T4 military base to Shayrat airport located on the outskirts of the city of Homs. The distance between the bases is about 100 kilometers. The transfer was carried out by a convoy of four military trucks and a military security escort, including Syrian military personnel.

Redeploying weapons between different locations is a familiar tactic making it difficult for the enemy to put together an up-to-date intelligence picture.
In our assessment, the UAV’s that were transferred from the T4 airport to Shayrat airport are the “Shahed” type (intelligence gathering and attack).

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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