The Surface-to-Air Missile Deployment in the Kalmon Mountains on the Lebanon-Syria Border was Reinforced as a Result of the Past 2 Attacks in the Damascus Area

Surface-to-surface missile attacks were carried out on the afternoon of Saturday, October 30th, on a weapons storage depot located west of Damascus, south of the town Kora Al-Assad. According to reports in Syria, the attack was attributed to Israel. The attack was considered unusual as it was carried out in broad daylight. The attacks’ goal was apparently to prevent Hezbollah’s transportation of weapons from Syria into Lebanon.

Syrian military officials claimed that Israel carried out an additional surface-to-surface missile attack on the night between November 2nd and 3rd, this time south of Damascus, on weapon storage depots adjacent to the town Zakyah. In contrast to previous attacks, this attack did not receive much publicity, which caused us to doubt the attack itself took place. As of now, and after receiving several indications, we believe that there was indeed an attack. The immediate area of the attack suggests that the target was a compound belonging to the Syrian Army’s 7th Division that hosts activity of the radical Shiite axis, led by Iran.

It should be noted that in November 2020, the office of the former commander of Division 7, Lua (Maj. Gen.) Akram Huija, was directly attacked. The attack was attributed to Israel and was apparently carried out because of its ongoing close cooperation with the radical Shiite axis headed by Iran. His collaboration with the Axis dates back to the days when he served in Al Bukamal.

Former Commander of Division 7, Lua (Maj. Gen.) Akram Huija

Apparently, the current commander of Division 7, Lua ‘Ali Muhammad, is continuing the path of his predecessor …

Immediately following the attack on November 3rd, Radical Shiite Axis forces (possibly Hezbollah) transferred missile launchers and Surface to Air Missiles from storage depots in the town Al Nabk to the area of the nearby town Al-Qastal. According to an indication we received, 70 missiles and 12 missile launchers were taken from these storage depots and were distributed to several launching sites in the Al-Qastal area. These two towns are located in the Kalmon Mountain range area in the north of the Damascus district.

The Kalmon Mountain Range, which overlooks the Damascus area south of it and the Beqaa Valley area in Lebanon, especially the Baalbeq area in the west, is considered a strategical vantage point. It is an ideal area to place air defense systems (radar detection systems and batteries) with the purpose of defending the air space of Damascus to the south and the Lebanese Beqaa Valley in the west. In essence, this area overlooks and controls the crucial weapons-transfer routes between Syria and Lebanon.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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