Damascus – the Airport Road: Iranian Land Seizure and Procurement

map of Iran buying Syrian Land

Representatives of the radical Shiite axis headed by Iran continue their real estate purchasing and investment campaign in the Damascus region. Recently, there has been a concentration of land acquisition efforts near Damascus International Airport and along the highway leading to it from the city. The areas where land was purchased are al-Malihah, Shebaa, Deir al-Asafir, and Hutaytet al-Turkman.

Iran aims to create a foothold in strategic places such as border crossings and major airports, enabling it to create a continuous and secure land and air corridor from Iran to Syria and from there to Lebanon (Hezbollah). 

In light of this, for Iran, control of the al-Kamal land border crossing and control of Damascus airport and its environs are necessary. Control of this land corridor effectively allows Iran territorial continuity, allowing it to securely transfer goods, supplies, and weapons. For Iran, this is a first-rate economic and security issue and the fulfillment of the vision of exporting the Islamic Revolution in the Middle East while establishing a direct front against the “Little Devil” (Israel).

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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