Al-Bukamal (Eastern Syria)- Who is the Mysterious “X Force”?

"Al-Bukamal Rebels" flyer

A new resistance movement organization calling itself the “Al-Bukamal Rebels” is operating in the city of Al-Bukamal against radical Shiite axis forces led by Iran. The radical Shiite axis controls security in the town of Al-Bukamal utilizing Shiite militiamen. This new organization has issued a threatening flyer. At the same time, it operates a telegram page showing aerial photographs of X-marks on the Shiite Axis positions in the city. In addition, the organization publicizes pictures of the sites marked showing an X sprayed on the walls of these sites.

A flyer, published with the headline “Get out,” states that the organization has a list of names of all IRGC commanders and foreign militias in the city and that they are under surveillance. The flyer demands that they leave (the “beloved”) Al-Bukamal first, then Deir ez-Zor province, and finally get out of all of Syria.

Apparently, the new organization is deeply troubling the commanders of the radical Shiite axis forces in the area, Haji Askar and Abu Isa al-Mashhadani. It is not clear who is behind the organization. Is this an independent local organization? What is its size and what is its essence? Is it a local organization backed externally? Or is it a foreign entity and not a local one? 

Are these individual efforts or a significant force? Is this a real local activity or is it perhaps an activity aimed at psychological warfare?

According to some indications, this is a local organization that does not belong to any external or international body. According to these indications, the organization comprises local residents who got together to fight the Shiite militias. According to them, the Shiite militias are abusing local residents, preventing medical treatment, stealing, and taking over their low-cost property in order to expel the local residents from the area, with the intent of transforming it into an Iranian area.

 Among the sites published by the organization is a compound located near the Al-Rahman Mosque. The compound is used by “Jihad al-Bana” (the “construction jihad”). The compound stores equipment and construction materials seized from the city’s residents, used by the radical Shiite axis for fortifications in outposts in and around the city. In an adjacent compound is another base of the “Fog’ 47” militia, belonging to the Shiite militia “Hezbollah-Iraq.”

Another site is Badr Hospital. The hospital is exclusively used by the forces of the radical Shiite axis. The compound serves as the headquarters of the “Fog 47” militia. Militia commanders, including Haji Askar, have been seen there many times. Syrian flags are hoisted on the compound to serve as a cover to prevent airstrikes. Access to the hospital area is restricted by guard posts and warning signs, so residents of the city are prevented from receiving medical treatment.

The Fatemiyoun militia base located northeast of the city on the N4 road coming from Iraq was also marked with an X.

The city’s unique geographical location made it one of the strategic key points within the land corridor of the radical Shiite axis headed by Iran. As a result, Iran’s military and civilian hold on the region is absolute. 

We will continue to monitor what is happening in the land corridor area in general and in the Al-Bukamal area in particular. Among other things, we will continue to monitor, characterize and update about this organization and its activities.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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