A Live and Rare Testimony Regarding Hezbollah’s Golan File Against Israel from Southern Syria:

Jaish Al Ababil was a dominant opposition force operating in southern Syria around the city of Jassem before the Syrian army recaptured the area in the summer of 2018. The city of Jassem is located about 16 kilometers from the Israeli border.  Throughout its activities, Jaish al-Ababil managed to capture several Local Syrian residents associated with a terrorist cell operating in the area of the city of Jassem belonging to Hezbollah’s Golan file Unit. The Golan file Unit, which acts in southern Syria, operates many terrorist cells that include local Syrian residents. The terrorist cells are deployed in dozens of villages near the border with Israel.

The cell seized in Jassem, which operated through the years 2015 and 2016, carried out, among other things, the launching of Grad-type rockets towards Israel. Jaish Al Ababil militants videoed (2017) the cell commander, Marwan Awad Al Jaber, conceding to the cell’s activities against Israel. The video-recorded admission included the names of the Hezbollah operatives who guided the cell, a description of the Grad firing course in Aleppo, how the rockets were received in Sweida, and the launching itself.

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Recently, we were able to locate this video. The video recording is a rare and live testimony, shedding additional light on the activities of Hezbollah’s Golan File Unit against Israel from southern Syria. Even now, Hezbollah’s Golan File Unit gathers intelligence and waits for an operational opportunity to generate terrorist activity against Israel under Hezbollah’s order.

An outline of a possible attack: Anti-tank missiles, mortar fire, rocket or sniper fire, the planting of IEDs, or the infiltration into Israeli territory. Further details on the Hezbollah units, the Golan File, and the Southern Command, which operate in southern Syria, were published by us in a special report in October 2020.     

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