Lebanese Companies Linked to Hezbollah’s Missile Precision Project

On February 6, Israel issued a seizure order signed by the Israeli Defense Minister against three Lebanese civilian companies linked to Hezbollah’s missile precision project. The three companies are “Moubayed”, “Barakat”, and “Tufayli”. These companies are said to trade-in machines, oils, and ventilation systems, which are required, among other things, as raw materials for Hezbollah’s production system in general and Hezbollah’s missile precision project in particular.

Such a “seizure order” allows the companies listed there to be “blacklisted” in international financial systems. This is not the first time such an order has been carried out against Lebanese companies associated with Hezbollah.

Ziad Bakdash

The Vice President of the Manufacturers Association of Lebanon, Ziad Bakdash, responded that these companies are not known to the Manufacturers Association of Lebanon and that the Manufacturers Association has no information about Lebanese companies cooperating with Hezbollah or that are engaged in such areas.

Since Mr. Bakdash does not know these companies and has no information about them, we would like to help him locate the three companies:

The Moubayed oil company:

On Facebook:

شركة زيوت المبيض | Facebook

Phone number:

+961 1 553 688



Barakat Trading Company / Electromechanics:

Web site:

Barakat Electro-Mechanical & Trading Co. Sarl – Ghobeiri (baabda) null (kompass.com)

Telephone number: +961 1 840554


Waffa building ground floor, Bergawi Street, al-Ghobeiry, suburb south Beirut.

Toufaili General Trading (Nabatia)

Oil Wholesaler in Deir El Zehrani

Nabatieh – Saida RoadDeir El Zehrani 1700 Lebanon

Web site: https://toufailigeneraltrading.business.site/

Telephone number: +961 71 715 700

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Toufailigeneraltrading/

Good luck, Mr. Bakdash!

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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