Syria Intends to Bear Legal Proceedings Against Senior U.S. Military Officials

The Syrian Attorney General’s office recently issued a memorandum stating that Syria intends to bear legal proceedings against senior U.S. military officials involved in the “occupation of the country’s territories.” Syria accuses the U.S. military of illegal presence on Syrian soil. As well as military aggression against Syria in violation of the Geneva Convention and contrary to UN resolutions.

The Syrian General Prosecution noted two key areas to which they attribute their claims: The first is the al-Tanf base in southeastern Syria. The second, areas of Kurdish Autonomy in northeast Syria emphasizing the Al-Hasakah region. Syria plans to include allegations of committing “crimes against the Syrian people,” reflected in US support for separatists (Kurds & SDF), exploiting natural resources, and assisting ISIS.

A classic case of Middle Eastern “the pot calling the kettle black“…

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