Does Hezbollah Really have 150,000 Missiles and Rockets?

On February 16, Nasrallah spoke on the 30th anniversary of the elimination of his predecessor, former Hezbollah leader, Abbas Moussaoui, who was eliminated by Israel on February 16, 1992. In his speech, Nasrallah referred to Israel’s activities throughout the CBW against the transfer of weapons from Iran to Syria and from there to Hezbollah. He also referred to the precision missile project, precision missiles, and UAVs that Hezbollah already possesses.

According to Nasrallah, Hezbollah constantly receives high-quality weapons from Iran, and the transfer of these weapons has not been compromised. Hezbollah can convert the thousands of missiles it possesses into precision missiles, and it even began to do so years ago. On the issue of accuracy, Nasrallah noted that Hezbollah no longer needs Iran’s help. “Many missiles have already been converted into precision missiles,” Nasrallah declared. Nasrallah also noted that Israel had also tried to undermine the ability to transfer UAVs into Lebanon, but Hezbollah managed to establish a self-production system on Lebanese soil.

As of now, contrary to Nasrallah’s remarks, Hezbollah appears to be having a very difficult time utilizing the precision missile project on Lebanese soil. To our understanding, in all probability, nowadays, Hezbollah is having a very difficult time converting missiles independently. Hezbollah possesses precision missiles – mostly medium-range Fatah 110 (M600), received directly from Iran or otherwise missiles assembled on Syrian soil transferring them to Lebanon. It is estimated that Hezbollah possesses several dozen precision missiles, possibly over 100.

According to our information, Hezbollah now has a total arsenal of several hundred weapons belonging to what is known as “Advanced Conventional Weapons” (ACW). To our understanding, this arsenal includes the precision missiles already in its possession, as well as cruise missiles (apparently Iranian), advanced coastal missiles (Yakhont and C-802), anti-aircraft missiles (SA-17, SA-22), miniature submarines, and torpedos.

Hezbollah’s Missile and Rocket Arrays: A Tough and Complex Challenge for Israel

Nasrallah exhibits a more accurate picture in the context of UAVs in Hezbollah’s arsenal. As we know, Hezbollah can independently manufacture UAVs on Lebanese soil. Hezbollah’s self-made UAVs carried out operations against Israel as early as 2006. Hezbollah is likely to have an arsenal of at least 2,000 UAVs.

The Hezbollah UAV that penetrated Israel on February 18, is of the “Hudhud-1” type, made in Iran, or alternatively a UAV based on it and manufactured by Hezbollah in Lebanon. This small UAV (1.5 × 1.9 meters) is a fixed-wing aircraft used for patrol and photography.


In addition to those mentioned above, we are familiar with Hezbollah’s arsenal of “regular” missiles and mortars that include:

5000 long- and medium-range missiles (200 km or more)

65,000 short-range rockets/missiles (rockets up to 45 km, missiles up to 200 km)

145,000 mortars (up to 20 km)

In conclusion, Hezbollah currently possesses several hundred advanced conventional weapons, 70,000 “regular” Long – medium – short missiles and rockets, 145,000 mortars of all kinds, and about 2,000 UAVs.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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