Shiite Families in the Service of Hezbollah in Southern Syria

The entrenchment of the radical Shiite axis led by Iran in southern Syria is carried out partly by encouraging the Sunni local population to convert to Shi’ism. Many examples of conversion can be seen mainly in the Deraa province, which is reflected in the transformation of Sunni mosques into Shiite mosques, the transformation of structures into Husseinias (a congregation hall for Shia ceremonies), and religious activity intended for the young population and children (see our report published, The civilian entrenchment of the Shiite axis in southern Syria).

In Quneitra province, Hezbollah appears to be establishing its grip with the help of local Syrian families of Shiite origin. The area is home to several Shiite families, such as the Baghdadi family, the Hamada family, and the Haider family. The Haider family is originally from Lebanon. Several members of the Lebanese family are known to be serving as operatives in Hezbollah.

Some members of the Syrian Haider family from Sa’asa were recruited to assist Hezbollah in its missions. Some even serve in the Syrian Army. We are familiar with five members of the family recruited by Hezbollah: Abbas Haider, Muhammad Abu Taleb Haider (serving in the Syrian Army), Abu Ali Hussein Haider (serving as an officer in the Syrian Army), Sultan Haider, and Ismail Haider.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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