Radical Islam Death Culture Education

From an analysis we conducted of a sample of 470 educational activities published on Hezbollah’s official website between 2012 and 2018, in almost 40% of its educational activities, Hezbollah instills the values ​​of “Jihad” (holy war / religious decree, 13%) and “Shahadah” “(Martyrdom, 25%).
Another 54% are Shiite content, some of which support and interface with the subjects “jihad” and “Shahada.” The culture of death is systematically perpetuated. Needless to say, Sunni extremist groups also emphasize the values of “Jihad” and “Shahada”.

The term “Jihad” initially describes the duty of every Muslim to uphold the laws of Islam. However, the extremists in Islam (both Shiite and Sunni): Hezbollah, Hamas, PIJ, ISIS, etc., now give great significance to the “holy war” against the infidels (those who are not Muslim and those who are Muslim but do not belong to their faction).
In fact, they turned “Jihad” into murder and terrorism. Is this the original intention of the Islam religion? For them, every being that dies during the execution of “Jihad” is called a “martyr” because he died sanctifying the Lord.
The culture of death is enhanced. The extremists in Islam encourage death itself, which they see as a sacred target, promote it, and perpetuate it. One of their options to fulfill this obligation is to enter Israel and carry out an attack against civilians, whoever they are, knowing that the perpetrator of the attack will eventually be slain and become a “martyr.”

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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