Is UNIFIL Reducing Civilian Activity in South Lebanon?

Nabatieh District Governor Dr. Hassan Faqih convened a meeting a few weeks ago in the presence of representatives of civilian security officials regarding the relationship with UNIFIL.
The meeting was called to emphasize the importance of coordination between the Lebanese security organizations and UNIFIL regarding civilian and humanitarian matters.
In attendance: Commander of the Southern Region of the Internal Security Forces and his men, the Commander of the General Directorate of State Security in Nabatieh and his men, and the Commander of the Nabatieh Gendarmerie. It was emphasized that the issue of military coordination is with the Lebanese Army, whose representatives were not in attendance at the meeting. Of course, we did not expect to see representatives from Hezbollah at the meeting…

In light of the recent attacks against UNIFIL in southern Lebanon, there seems to be concern among local civilian authorities that UNIFIL will cease its civilian involvement. Yet, the reality is different, and in the meantime, UNIFIL is even increasing this involvement.

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