Who Fired a Rocket From Lebanon at Israel Last Night?

Tonight (25th), a Grad rocket was fired south of Tyre toward the Western Galilee, Shlomi-Matzuva area.
Hamas Lebanon is the immediate suspect. However, it is worth remembering that other Palestinian factions, such as Fatah or the PIJ, can also shoot Grads.

IDF responded with artillery to west southern Lebanon.

According to Lebanese media: One of the shells fired by the IDF did not explode.

Hamas’ response to the rocket fire from Gaza a few days ago was the arrest of activists, some of them PIJ operatives. It is not certain that Hamas was interested in the firing at Israel from Gaza (last week), and that it is responsible for firing from Lebanon. If Hamas is the one that fired the rocket last night from Lebanon, it may be interested in splitting the arena and trying to differentiate Gaza after the Israeli response to the shooting from there.

As usual, the prevailing conception will arise that everything that happens in southern Lebanon is with the knowledge and approval of Hezbollah.
This is not the case. Things do happen under Hezbollah’s nose (Hamas rocket fire from Lebanon at Israel in May and August 2021).

Lebanon is on its way to parliamentary elections. This should be a restraining factor, at least in terms of Hezbollah’s response to Israel.
But this will not prevent Palestinian elements from firing from Lebanon at Israel until the end of Ramadan or until the end of the election period in Lebanon.

In any case, Israel should treat Hamas’ presence in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon as one front.
If Hamas indeed carried out the shooting tonight, here is a breakdown of Hamas’s military infrastructure in Lebanon.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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