The Palestinian exploitation of an Al-Jazeera journalist’s death to market narratives against Israel

Al Jazeera Journalist Sheerin Abu Akala

This morning (May 11) the Palestinians reported that Sheerin Abu Akala, one of the famous journalists of the Qatari Al-Jazeera network, which covers what is happening in Israel and the Palestinian Authority, was injured as a result of gunfire in her head. She later died of her wounds at a hospital in Jenin.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health initially reported that she was wounded by live ammunition in her head and that another journalist was wounded in the back by gunfire. The Palestinian Ministry of Health was careful to point out that this happened “during the entry of IDF forces into Jenin” but did not state that this was caused by IDF gunfire.

Abu Akala, is a famous journalist in one of the most powerful media networks in the world. Neither she nor the media in which she works are considered fans of Israel. They are acting in a regular and non-objective manner to strike at Israel and cause as much damage as they can at every opportunity.

The first to independently decide that the journalist’s death was caused by IDF soldiers (and not by Palestinian armed fighters for example) was the director of the Palestinian Al-Jazeera branch. This is strange considering that this “announcement” was made immediately after the incident without any serious and authentic examination.

From the moment of the “announcement” of the manager of the Al-Jazeera branch, the signal was given and a well-orchestrated choir was opened against Israel. All of them lined up, including PA officials who were silent until that moment. The head of the Palestinian Authority, Abu Mazen, was also quick to issue a statement condemning the journalist’s death as “execution by the occupation forces …”

The IDF had no casualties as a result of today’s shooting incidents in Jenin. In one of the videos, one of the Palestinian gunmen was seen firing and saying: “We hit a soldier and he was thrown to the ground…”. How does this statement fit in with the fact that no IDF soldier was injured? This statement does get along with the fact that the journalist was wearing a vest and a helmet. It is very possible that the Palestinian gunman in the video was the one who hit the journalist, misidentified her and thought she was an IDF soldier.

Question marks also arise regarding the injury of the other journalist who was hit by gunfire in his back. The same journalist was with the Palestinians who fired. Their physical location was in front of IDF forces. Therefore, in very low probability, the journalist was wounded as a result of gunfire from IDF soldiers who were stationed in the opposite direction.

What is clear is that after examining many photographs from the scene of the incident, a wild, inaccurate and indiscriminate Palestinian shooting took place there. Many Palestinian militants operated in the same area as the journalist with no coordination or control.

Israel announced that the IDF was investigating the incident and even expressed its desire to conduct a joint investigation and autopsy with the Palestinians. It is highly doubtful that the Palestinians will agree. Palestinians have announced that the journalist’s funeral will be held on May 12 in the presence of Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen. The Israeli desire to reach the study of the truth will also be “buried”.

As usual, the Palestinians and their supporters make good use of everything at their disposal to strengthen their narrative, including a biased and distorted documentation of reality. The data, the facts and the truth are less important to the Palestinians and their supporters.

*** Some of the content of this article was taken from a Hebrew telegram channel called “Abu Ali”. The channel specializes in the Palestinian arena. ***

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