Who is in charge of Hezbollah’s combat information body (“Al-Alam al-Harbi”)?

*This article is part of a series of articles dealing with the structure of Hezbollah in general with the various councils and the executive council on its various civilian entities in particular (see introduction here)

Hezbollah’s combat information body is responsible for media documentation of Hezbollah’s military activity. Although it is an alleged media body that is supposed to operate under the communications unit of the Executive Council, the combat information body appears to operate under the Jihad Council and not under the Executive Council. Combat information is an integral part of Hezbollah’s military activity; therefore, the combat information body is responsible for publishing the photographs and videos deriving from its military activity. As a result, it is a partner throughout the battle process and is responsible for delivering Hezbollah’s formal announcements after the operation, on behalf of the “Islamic Resistance Operations Room” through a dedicated website.

Since combat propaganda is complicit in the process of the combat procedure, it is a compartmentalized body. For example, it was possible to notice the heavy compartmentalization surrounding the former head of combat information Haj Mahdi Qanso, who, although a figure whose name is known to all, was careful not to have his picture exposed.

Haj Qanso (right, blurred face) is currently in charge of Hezbollah’s psychological warfare activities.
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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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