*This article is part of a series of articles dealing with the structure of Hezbollah in general with the various councils and the executive council on its various civilian entities in particular (see introduction here)

The role of the Parliamentary Council is to oversee the parliamentary activities of the organization and is composed of MPs and ministers past and present. According to the essence of Nasrallah’s remarks, it is the council’s task to ensure the obedience of Hezbollah’s elected MPs to the Shura Council. Naim Qassem (Nasrallah’s deputy) oversees this council, and Mohammad Raad heads it (Mohammad Raad also serves as head of the Hezbollah faction in the Lebanese parliament).

Above: Mohammad Raad

The “Governmental Committee” is a sub-committee of the Parliamentary Council. The committee’s role is to advise Hezbollah’s ministers in the Lebanese government and improve Hezbollah’s presence in internal affairs. The sub-committee is headed by Naim Qassem and includes Mohammad Raad, Hezbollah ministers, and a representative of the head of the executive council, Hashem Safi al-Din.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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