The Mapping of Hezbollah’s Military Areas in South Lebanon

Many areas (zones) throughout South Lebanon are considered Hezbollah military sites. The entrance to these areas is forbidden. Local civilians, UNIFIL forces, and even the Lebanese army are not allowed access to these parts. Some of the areas are very close to villages.

 Some of these areas are located near Lebanese army and UNIFIL bases. These areas are used by Hezbollah, in routine and in times of emergency, for training purposes, weapons storage depots, deployment areas, defensive zones, rocket, and missile launching areas, etc.

We have data that includes mapping dozens of such areas in South Lebanon. We will publish the information gradually. For the sake of convenience, we numbered the areas in ascending order.

On June 9, we published the location of zone number 1 near the village of Mansouri, south of Tyre, near the coastline.

The village of Mansouri is known as a Shiite village controlled by Hezbollah.

Near the village of Mansouri, there is another military zone used by Hezbollah, which we numbered as zone number 2.

To be continued…

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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