These Are the Exact UAVs Russia Wants from Iran

The Russians visited the “Shahid Karimi” base in Kashan, south of Tehran, twice. They visited there on June 08 and July 05. The purpose of the visit was to examine potential Iranian UAV models for purchase.

The Iranians introduced them to “Shahed 129” and “Shahed 191” (Saegheh 2). Below are the details on the UAVs:

Shahed 129

  • A very large UAV- 8 meters long, wingspan 16 meters.
  • Max. flight range – 1700-2000 km, 24-hour flight duration.
  • Max. flight altitude – 24 thousand ft. (8 km).
  • Capable of carrying a munitions payload of anti-tank weapons (up to 8 precision “Sdid” armaments).
  • Includes an infra-red night vision system.
  • Sustains a radar warning system.
  • Used operationally in Syria

*Pay attention to the “hunchback” on the front of the UAV serving as a canopy covering the communications relay.

Shahed 191 (also known as ” Saegheh 2”)

  • Upgrade of Saegheh 1.
  • Takes off using a launch platform and lands using special skis on a runway.
  • Max. flight velocity – 300 km/h.
  • Max. flight duration – 4.5 hours.
  • Max. flight range – 450 km.
  • Payload carrying capacity – 50 kg.
  • Max. altitude – 25 thousand feet (about 8 km).
  • Took part in the Syrian civil war.
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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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