On August 15, a threatening video against Israel was published on the networks, allegedly “on behalf of” the Amal movement. The video says “combat propaganda”. Amal denied involvement in the publication of the video. A body of “combat propaganda” is not recognized in the Amal movement, as such a body exists in Hezbollah. The publication of the video may be a “private initiative” of Amal supporters, whose purpose is to preserve the Amal movement’s military status and convey a message that in the next conflict with Israel, Amal will fight alongside Hezbollah. It should be remembered that The Amal movement has a military force with Grad rockets and heavy machine guns. Amal operatives (at least some of them) joined Hezbollah in 2006 to fight against Israel, and it is highly probable to join in a future conflict.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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