Hezbollah, Proxy of Iran, Threatens War Over Israeli Gas Field in the Mediterranean

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By BENNY AVNI for New York Sun.

The Biden administration enters the dispute, which could delay the project and disrupt Israeli energy exports.

“There are three options on what Nasrallah really wants,” the founder of the Israeli think tank Alma, Sarit Zehavi, says. “One is that he wants to conduct endless negotiations without ever reaching a deal. Two: He wants to reach a deal and present it as a strategic victory on behalf of the Lebanese people. The third option is war.”

As a resident of an Israeli town on the Lebanese border, Ms. Zhavi, a former major in the Israeli army, says option three cannot be discounted. “I haven’t seen this much Hezbollah activity near the border since 2006,” she told the Sun, referring to the last major war between Israel and Hezbollah. 

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